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I hate the icons on this journal a lot

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Oh what a noble mind is here oer'thrown
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This community is for anyone who loves to act.

Discuss rehearsals, auditions, your failing/blossoming career, shitty directors, public embarassment, primadonna behaviour and other such trials and tribulations.

Don't ask us to make you famous/give you a part in X/Y/Z. We can't. If we could, do you think we'd be posting on a livejournal community about it?

Feel free to ask for help with interpreting text, and asking for ideas as to how to block things etc etc.

Also feel free to post links to helpful resources such as monologue archives, audition help, historical information about theatre etc etc.

Enjoy yourselves.

That's about it.


The founder of this community...

Was born in '86.

Has been in a few productions.

Has completed courses with The Melbourne Theatre Company.

Had auditioned for WAAPA, and not gotten in.

Has been really lazy about her 'career'.

Is studying Philosophy and Religion at University until the bastards at WAAPA let her the hell in.

Was a finalist in Storm the Stage 2004.

Likes acting.

Wants to work with Zach Braff, Tod Haynes and Richard Kelly.

Is very lazy.

Wants toast.


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