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From: Robin Meyer
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 9:08 AM
Subject: ABC Pilot "House Divided"

I am helping out with casting on an upcoming Pilot for a new show for
ABC called House Divided. It will be shooting in and around the Dallas
/ Ft. Worth Area.

If you or 300 of your closest friends are interested in being
townspeople on Tuesday, March 28th and Wednesday, March 29th please let me know.
I need 300 people to be extras it will pay a minimum of $50 for each
day. You must work both days if you work. It is a 12 hour day and we
will be filming in Kaufman. If you are unavailable please pass this onto
any one of your 300 closest friends that you think might be willing to
work. The minimum age is 21 for this working date.

If you or 300 of your closest friends are interested please fill out
the attached form and attach a recent non returnable photo of yourself.
It does not have to be a professional picture any recent photo will do.


Casting Submission form

ABC Pilot “The House Divided”

Tosawi Marshall
Extras r us
Direct # (214) 459 - 4046

Name ___________________________________________________________

Contact Information

Alternate Contact Information

Age ___________ Height ________ Weight _____ Eye Color
___________ Hair
Color _________

Shirt Size ________ Pant Size __________ Shoe Size

This information sheet is for the purpose of Casting for an
upcoming ABC pilot entitled "The House Divided".

This submission form is for the Marching Scene Scheduled to
shoot March 28th and 29th however there is no guarantee that the person
submitted on this sheet will be used for that Scene. The person
submitted on this form may or may not be used in this project at all.

If you are picked you must understand that the pay will begin at
a minimum of $50 per day for a 12 hour day.

If you are selected you must understand that there will be no
recording devices allowed on the Set.

No asking for Autographs and No pictures.

You understand that if you are selected you may be required to
possibly miss School for that day of filming and can be required to be
on the set between 1 and 3 days possibly longer.

You understand that filming begins March 10th in and around the
Dallas Ft. Worth area and that if selected you will receive a Call from
the Casting Office.

You understand that you will be responsible for your own
transportation to and from the set and that unless you receive a call
from the Casting Office advising otherwise if selected you will show up
each and everyday you are contracted to work.

Signature ______________________________________________

Printed Name ___________________________________________

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