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makep question

I have to go into class as a character we were supposed to have watched and studied.
the guy i chose is shorter,balding, and stocky as I am tall, thin, and have a full head of thick curly hair.

I bought a baldcap and latex to help smooth it out.
however, after trying it on I realized that the cap is too big and does not fit snug.
it also does not cover the back of my neck where my hair sticks out. I guess I should get that part chopped off?
I was thinking of getting some pantyhose or anklets and putting that on my head and then the cap-however, that might be too hot.

any ideas how to fix this situation?

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Woo! I've done theatre makeup many a time so here is my best classroom knowledge straight to you:

You'll need:
A good mousse for curly hair
Bobby pins AND wig pins (bobby pins are inexpensive and will work if you cannot find any wig pins; though, you can find wig pins at any drugstore. They are long, thin, and shaped like little "U"s.)
A wig cap or the toe of pantyhose.
A friend!

If your hair is thick and curly, only pincurls will work effectively. First, run mousse through your wet hair. While your shaggy mop is still drying, take about two to three curls and whirl them around your finger until tight. Once twirled up, lay it flat down against your head in the shape of a cinnamon roll. Take two bobby pins and (one at a time of course) place them to make an X atop the curl. Make sure to overlap the pins or else it won't stay (this can hurt) It should be snug but not too tight and will hold your hair flat. Give it a preliminary shot with a few curls from your crown or above the temples. Remember the thickest part is in the back around your ears and it make take some time. Once firmly plastered down, take your wig cap or pantyhose toe and stretch it to your head size. You'll need a partner to help. Make two devil horns with your index fingers against your temples before your hairline. Have the friend slip about a half inch of the cap over your index fingers and then pull the rest down and over your remaining hair (ending about the base of the neck). You SHOULD use wig pins to situate it in place around the back and forehead. Once tight, put on the bald cap!

If this doesnt work, try putting mousse in your hair and smoothing it flat. Use the bobby pins once again to hold everything down. You may want to try brushing your hair in the opposite direction (a.k.a towards your forehead) to hide the remaining curls on your neck.

Or just get a buzzcut for a good grade :)

im just painting my hair white.
too hard.
thanks though.