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Spreading The Word. . .

That word on the street is we are starting to see actors entries into Dead Girls Club competition. Folks are already starting to talk about the promise of the opportunity here.

And the other good news can be found here. No fee to enter if you JOIN THE CLUB. And there is no fee to join the club. . .

If you were on the fence about taking part there isn't anything to slow you down. It's free to enter, and don't worry about submitting some sort of super-professional, expensively-produced reel. Your raw talent and personality, and a world-class scream are what will get you through this door. No time spent on a casting couch is necessary either. America will be seeing your talent and deciding.

Use your webcam, mini-dv, whatever. All anybody cares about is that they can see you and hear you. The rest is up to America!

Don't forget to do your campaigning at the deadgirlsclub community!

The Phan

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